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Rainbow Cooked Pasta Sensory Play with Foam Clouds

Rainbow cooked pasta sensory play with foam clouds was so vibrant, pretty, and irresistible for my preschooler and me!  It was quick and easy to make, too!

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I used about a box and a half of fettuccine.  After cooking, I ran the pasta under water to cool it and tossed with a bit of oil.  In six separate bowls I dyed the noodles with Wilton gel food coloring.

We made Fun at Home with Kids' soap foam for fluffy clouds.  The final invitation to play looked amazing!  I wanted to jump right in!

Guess who didn't.  14 month old D was completely unimpressed.  Look at that face!

Four year old E was enthralled!  I set the bin on a beach towel to catch any mess.  D's only contribution was dipping in purple sensory ball in.

This was fabulous fine motor work for E as she pulled individual noodles out, stretched them, swirled, twirled, and mixed the rainbow with her hands.

After the first session of play I put the bin in the tub before bath time.  E investigated what happened to the soap foam clouds with her magnifying glass.  Hmmm...

I was hoping that toddler D would be more interested but the was the extent of his exploration.  Oh, well!

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  1. Hi, am glad to find you from Happy Hooligans! Love your imaginative play ideas. Will be following you. God bless and continue to use you to be a blessing and comfort to those who have gone through similar trials like yourself.


    1. Angelia, Thank you for your kind comment!

  2. How long does the pasta last before spoiling? I just love these ideas by the way?

    1. Unfortunately, it didn't last long for us. I'm not sure what the results might be if it's refrigerated (without the soap foam clouds) though! I would love to hear if you try that!