Recycled Cardboard Rainbow Craft

By Devany LeDrew | Labels:

Our recycled cardboard rainbow craft is going to be just one of many upcoming rainbow projects from us! Rainbows are meaningful and symbolic for our family.  From the design of this blog, to singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to Violet, to D being our rainbow baby, to E and I just loving rainbows, we can't resist them!  As E painted rainbows the other day, I had an idea for a craft.

Confession time:  When I go grocery shopping solo with the kids, I pick up a frozen pizza for lunch.  It cooks while I bring in, unpack, and put away the groceries while managing the kids, too!  In each frozen pizza there is a cardboard circle.  I've been keeping them knowing we could create with them.

I cut the circle in half.  Next I cut out the bottom center to make a smaller half circle and a rainbow arc.  

E was excited to be set up to paint with rainbow colors.  She did a great job free handing, but you could draw lines to be filled in with each color if you'd like.  I only had to help her on the opposite side as her color stripes grew a bit as they progressed!

With the leftover half circles that were cut from the inside of the rainbow (and another from the other half of the original circle) we made clouds.  I cut slits in the rainbow itself and the clouds so they would fit together. E used glue and cotton balls to create fluffy clouds!

When you slide the clouds and the rainbow together the craft will stand up to be a 3D reminder that spring is on the way.  It looks so cheery in our window!  

This would be a great addition to a leprechaun trap or small world play with unicorns and fairies!