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Why We Love Reading Eggs: A Review From a Teacher Turned Mom

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We found Reading Eggs at the recommendation of several friends. Without relying heavily on advertising, this online literacy resource is most often discovered in just this way. Through word of mouth, free trials, and a comprehensive literacy approach Reading Eggs' content and quality speaks for itself.

Reading Eggs provided us with a free membership for writing this review but, as always, all words and enthusiasm are 100% our own! 

What I Love About Reading Eggs as a Mom:
  • Reading Eggs is compatible on PC, Mac, iPad and Android.  We can play and learn on the go!
  • Children earn rewards to keep them motivated.  Our daughter loves seeing what kind of creature hatches from her Reading Egg when she completes a lesson. She also earns coins through her work that can be used to play additional games or customize the home where her personal avatar lives.
  • In addition to the reading lessons there are also ebooks to work on comprehension, sight word and letter games, and creative writing prompts.  Yet with all this valuable content the website remains visually appealing and uncluttered.  It is easy for us to navigate.  We've found other children's websites overwhelmingly stimulating for me as an adult (let alone a child) but Reading Eggs does a wonderful job of organizing their program features.
  • Reading Eggs grows to challenge your child at their level.  At ages 7 to 13, he will graduate to Reading Eggspress!
  • Our daughter loves Reading Eggs!  She asks to play throughout the day.  When we log in, it takes us right to her current lesson.  Here is a picture of one of her favorite sight word games:

    TIP:  Sometimes E's enthusiasm and academic attention surpasses the fine motor skills it takes for her to use the mouse.  After she does a few lessons herself, I don't mind clicking for her as she tells me what to choose and we turn Reading Eggs into a family activity!  

What I Love About Reading Eggs as a Teacher: 
  • Developed and written by experienced educators, the program regular reports literacy progress to parents and teachers as the child plays games without realizing she is ever being assessed. There is no pressure on the child, yet over 90% parents see improvement!
  • Reading Eggs begins with the most commonly used letters and sounds first, then immediately start introducing words that your child will be able to read based on the letters covered.  This was the exact same order we used to introduce letters and words in my kindergarten classroom.
  • I find other methods of instruction I am familiar with as a teacher sprinkled throughout the lessons. These are the go to literacy activities I would present to E but Reading Eggs is doing it for me in an interactive and animated way!  Here is a picture of one of my favorite games where children learn to recognize letters in different types of font.

  • I've tried multiple teaching websites as a teacher and later as a mom.  I could talk to you all morning about how Reading Eggs stands heads above the rest.  I love how they incorporate the auditory sounds of the letters as the child clicks, how they gently correct any mistakes your child may make, and how they the demonstrate blending words.

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  1. I've used it at school too and loved it. After the free trial, how much does subscription cost? And can I use it on my computer and android tablet? Thanks for getting me thinking about this program again :) Jen :)

    1. Hi Jen,

      Here is the most current information on Android for Reading Eggs: http://readingeggs.com/about/ipad-android/
      and pricing: http://readingeggs.com/pricing/

  2. I knew I would come back and reread this again when we were ready to take the plunge!! I am definitely thinking that I will be adding this to our homeschool curriculum for the Fall!!