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Leprechaun Bait

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When our Window Rainbow failed to immediately lure in a leprechaun we knew we needed to kick it up a notch!  We decided to mix our own leprechaun bait!

This activity was inspired by our Love Potion Color Mixing on the Light Table but I wanted to show you how much fun this can be even if you don't have a light table (yet).  

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We used seasonal trinkets and our favorite fine motor tools.  Our invitation included yellow and blue water colored with gel food coloring, eye droppers, small recycled jars, our favorite kids' chopsticks, a small spray bottle, spoons, "gold" beads and confetti, "emerald" jewels, and shamrocks (cut from a shamrock necklace).

I packed as much fine motor practice into this activity as I could!  First, my daughter had to mix the yellow and blue water together using the eye droppers to make the perfect shade of green.  We needed to create a leprechaun's favorite color of course!  

Next she added shimmering gold confetti while practicing her pincer grasp.

We needed more water with a spray bottle!  E loved how the spritz made bubbles in the potion.  This was very motivating and quite a work out for her hands!

She added the shamrocks one by one with the chopsticks.  She used a spoon to scoop in more gold to make the bait irresistible!

When a batch of our Leprechaun Bait was finished she twisted on the lid herself.  She set the completed bottles in the window where they shimmered and shined in a green glow.  They look great next to our recycled cardboard and pipe cleaner rainbows!

She couldn't stop at just one jar!  I love when a Fine Motor Fridays activity is a hit with my preschooler!

This time she tried adding the trinkets first.  I noticed she is still compensating when her index finger is tired by supplementing with her middle fingers as shown here.  Definitely something to keep my eye on which proves the importance of all the intentional fine motor work we do!

The color mixing element was just stunning.  It's beautiful on the light table and off!  She also loved mixing the colors in the glass bowls when all the little jars were full.

If you make some of your own leprechaun bait, we'd love to see it on our Facebook page!  Check back there soon to see if a leprechaun shows up at the Still Playing School house this weekend!

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  1. Leprechaun bait - I love it! Comes out so pretty in the end too - I can see why leprechauns would be attracted to it! lol! ;)

  2. Fun! Next year we will have to talk about leprechaun bait! So many great skills included in one activity!

  3. How fun! Love all the tasks involved in making the Leperachun Bait!