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Top 10 Activities to Do with Extra Easter Candy

What will you do with your extra Easter candy if you don't want to let your kids eat it all?
Here are the Top 10 Activities to Do with Easter Candy:

1. Make our Edible Peeps Play Dough Recipe for taste safe sensory exploration!

2. Create Jelly Bean Bracelets from Kids Activities Blog

3. Math Easter Sensory Bin for Kids from Tutus and Tea Parties

4. Use Peeps for (adult supervised) scissor practice

5. Jelly Bean Sensory Bin from Stir the Wonder

6. Peeps Science Experiments for Kids from Lemon Lime Adventures

7. Jelly Bean Math: Sort, graph,and make patterns with jelly beans

8. Using Peeps for Stamping and Counting from The Preschool Toolbox

9. Jelly Bean Paint  from Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

10.  Set up a Peeps Easter Sensory Sink

(I planned to do a whole post about our Easter sensory sink but all E wanted to do was squirt the Peeps with water until the sugar came off so they were "naked!")

This post is a part of the Top 10 Easter Lists blog hop (Get it? HOP?!) so please visit my co-hosts below for other fun Easter recipes, games, crafts, and educational activities!

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  1. LOL at the naked Peeps! I didn't realize Peeps could be so versatile - counting, science, cutting, play dough...they can do it all! :)

  2. Great round up of fun Easter activities! Thanks for including us!