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How to Make Confetti Eggs

Ever since I first heard of Mexican confetti eggs (or cascarones) I have wanted to make my own. Here is how to make confetti eggs with kids to have a smashing good time!

We had a dozen raw eggs. Our preschool daughter carefully poked a hole in the top of each egg with a fork while they sat in the carton. Next she picked at the shells to make the holes larger. We stirred the egg inside to break up the yolks, poured out the insides, and scrambled them for breakfast!

While we worked, we discussed how a baby bird would break an egg from the inside to get out since they didn't have a fork in there! She hypothesized that they used their toenails, wings, and finally got to their beaks. This was the perfect discussion for our preschool science unit on birds!

Just look at all the fine motor work involved in this process! Please make sure children wash hands thoroughly after handling raw eggs!

We washed the egg shells out. You could add a bit of bleach to this process but we did not. We dyed the eggs in a cup of water, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, and food coloring. Our preschooler helped with this process by measuring, pouring, and stirring the ingredients then gently submerging the eggs. Since they are hollow we had to fill them with the colored water so they would sink.

The next day the eggs were dry and ready to go! We found a surprise hello on the sole purple egg. Do you see a smiling person here? That was not our doing; it dried that way on the paper towel. I like to think it was Violet helping us decorate eggs since she never got to do so!

We made a funnel with paper to fill the eggs. Since we were planning to smash them outside I decided not to use paper confetti. We used the colored pasta filler from our Spring Sensory Bin so that if any fell on the ground we wouldn't have to worry!

Scooping and pouring the confetti into the eggs was a great sensory and fine motor experience, too!

Once the eggs were filled with confetti our preschooler cut out little squares of colored tissue paper.  

We glued the tissue paper over the holes in the eggs. Once the glue was dry our DIY confetti eggs were complete!

You know what that means! It was time to smash them! I love this look of mischievous excitement on her face!

After she shattered the eggs on the ground she loved to investigate what had happened before she's break another one.

I told her she could break the shells into smaller which she enjoyed as an additional sensory and fine motor experience.

And finally we had some practical life fine motor skills as she swept up our mess!

This DIY Confetti Eggs with Kids post is part of our Fine Motor Fridays series!

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  1. What a brilliant idea!! E is so adorable, and V's contribution is seriously amazing!! Her egg was my favorite! :)

  2. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! We call those cascarones here in Texas :)

  3. So awesome Devany! Looks like so much fun and the Violet Egg is the most precious one! <3

  4. Love all the colors. Great way to reuse too.