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Fine Motor Cherry Blossom Tree Artwork

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Achoo! The trees are blooming around here and so are our allergies! They are so pretty, though, that we were inspired to make Fine Motor Cherry Blossom Tree Artwork!

We've been looking at the pretty blossoming trees in our neighborhood. We discussed how trees are larger at the bottom (the trunk) and get smaller as they go up branching off into fractals that look like the letter Y.

My preschooler used watercolors to paint the tree. (While we were waiting for it to dry her little brother snatched it which is why it is slightly crumpled at the top in the photos further down!)

E really needs to work on hand strength so squeezing a glue bottle is ideal fine motor work for her. She dabbed little dots all over the tree's branches.

We used pink construction paper confetti made with a hole punch for our blossoms. Picking them up and placing them on the glue dots was an excellent hand eye coordination exercise!

She pushed the pink paper pieces precisely where she wanted them. She was a bit concerned about getting glue on her fingers so I showed her how it peels off when it dries (which is also a fine motor activity)!

I love photographing her activities because it really highlights for me exactly how she uses her hands and fingers. Sometimes she varies her technique.

It was a very pretty Spring invitation to create that produced an ethereal piece of artwork that will work perfectly with out Asian inspired decor! She will be so excited when I frame this piece to display in our home.

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  1. How pretty! I love she puts little dots of glue - instead of the globs we usually have!

    1. This glue bottle is extra hard to squeeze so not only does it work well for fine motor but there is no way for tons of glue to come out! I love it!

  2. I LOVVVE this activity!! Such an awesome way to exercise those fine motor skills. Not to mention, her tree painting skills are pretty exquisite!!

  3. My son just saw this on my computer and said "Oh look! Pink apples on the tree!"

    We haven't seen much blossom this year!!! ;-)

  4. The Spring flowers and tree buds are slowwwwwwwwwwwly blossoming around here ; ) Beautiful piece of artwork! Love that it is so simple, too!