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Moon Phases on the Felt Board

In our outer space science unit we are discussing the planets as well as our own moon. Our DIY moon felt board demonstrates the moon's phases with pieces children can move through the cycle in a hands on activity!

DIY Moon Phases Felt Board teaches kids the science behind the moon's changes in a hands on science activity!

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I explained to our preschooler that when the moon moves around the Earth it seems to change shape but is always there and always full (like a ball or sphere). We can see more or less of the moon depending on how much of the sun's light is shining on it. 

The base of our moon felt board is a large piece of black felt. I made the moon from gray felt with a few button "craters" sewn on. Finally, I cut a black circle the same size as the moon that our daughter moved gradually to reveal more or less of the moon. Through this demonstration she understood that the moon is always there even if we only see a part of it in the light. 

DIY Moon Phases Felt Board to teach kids the science behind how the moon changes in a hands on activity!

I explained that a full cycle from full moon to new moon and back takes 29 days or about a month (which she understands from our calendar work). As she gets older we can discuss and label the names of the moon's phases.  When we observe at the moon in the sky over the next several weeks I will continue to review my objective of this lesson: 

The moon is always there and full even if we can't see it all!

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  1. What an awesome educational felt board!! I will definitely be making this in the future!