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Hula Hoop Venn Diagram Sorting

Venn Diagrams are a visual way to sort items into sets. Using hula hoops to great a Venn Diagram is a hands on way to introduce this graphic organizer to kids!

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I began by explaining a Venn Diagram to my preschooler. This tool allows us to sort sets by two attributes which is an important early math skill! We sorted our extensive collection of baby links since we have a letter link set and texture link set.

We put a bumpy oval link in the intersection. Bumpy and oval are the two attributes. The blue hoop contained bumpy links and the red hoop contained oval links. She caught on quickly and wanted to sort them herself!

Next we tried green letter links in the middle. Letter links went in the blue hoop and green links went in the red.

I bought Tetris Jenga at a thrift store knowing that these pieces would be perfect for math activities! (I love posting our fun thrift store finds on our Facebook page!) We used them in our hula hoop Venn Diagram to sort by shape and color. This time we would put a random piece in the middle. After discussing the shape and color of the selected piece we would sort the rest of the pieces accordingly.

We took turns closing our eyes and choosing a piece. We sorted the whole bin of pieces before beginning again! E loved this game!

When a piece wasn't the same shape OR color as the pieces in the intersection we set it outside of both hoops around the perimeter of the Venn Diagram. E extended the learning by counting similar pieces. We discussed more, less, most, and least.

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