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Sunny Summer Suncatcher

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We welcomed summer by making a sunny day smiling sun suncatcher! It looks so cheery in our window!

We can't get enough melted pony bead crafts! We've made numbers for the light table, letters for the light table, and even a melted bead EarthCraft Project Ideas sent us a large shipment of pony beads to craft to our hearts' content! 

We melt the beads in a toaster oven outside to avoid any fumes in the house. We bake the beads at 400 degrees checking periodically until the project looks perfect!

To create our sun suncatcher we melted transparent orange pony beads within a yellow circle to make our sun's smiling face. After the circle was melted we added beads around the perimeter for rays. Our neighbor gently drilled a hole in the top once cool so we could hang the sun!

Craft Project Ideas sends us craft supplies which is wonderful because we truly love creating with their products!

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