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Ladybug Doubles Addition: DIY Math Game

Ladybugs naturally lend themselves math lessons! We made our own ladybug counters to create a DIY math game for kids!

Craft Project Ideas sent us pony beads which we used to craft these ladybug!  You can read details about how we melt pony beads for fun and learning in our smiling suncatcher post! As we were writing this post my blogging "twin" Happily Ever Mom had a great minds similar idea and they crafted Bug Pony Bead Suncatchers

First we discussed the symmetry in ladybugs. I explained that the ladybugs have the same number of spots on each side of their body. This immediately reminded my preschooler of her online math program Math Seeds because she is learning doubles.  

She counted the spots as she explained that "Double four is eight!" She sequenced the ladybugs in order from the least to most spots.

She ran to get some paper to write her double addition facts. She set the ladybug next to each equation for reference.

She needed a bit of help writing the plus sign but overall she was self-motivated and thrilled to do this "homework!"

She even wanted me to draw the ladybugs so that she could illustrate their spots to show Daddy her work when he got home.

I think we will use these melted pony bead ladybugs for other activities too but they were the perfect DIY math manipulative for a fun and simple lesson plan on symmetry and doubles addition!

Craft Project Ideas sends us craft supplies which is wonderful

because we truly love creating with their products!

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