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Gems on the Light Table

Loose parts on the light table inspired an array of play based learning. We used gems to explore a variety of math concepts!

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I sorted our gems by color in a clear dish as I set out the invitation to explore. My preschooler began by building a face. We found our jewels at Michael's packaged by color but these acrylic gems are similar.

A butterfly was a lesson in symmetry! We worked hard to make both sides match placing the colored jewels in just the right place.

From above the gems look round and flat, but they are really cut like diamonds. Set on their faceted side they roll and the light shines up reflecting through them. 

Placed on their flat surface the jewels were manipulatives for numbers and pattern building! The colors and texture are irresistible.

One simple material set on the light table in an inspiring way lead to a whole afternoon of math exploration!

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