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Ice Cream Play Dough

Ice cream play dough is irresistibly realistic yet it won't melt while you play! We set up a pretend ice cream shop. Check out the recipe for ice cream play dough to make your own with your kids!

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Summer Preschool Theme

I asked my preschooler what flavors of ice cream she'd like to offer at her shop! While I was stirring up the ingredients to create the ice cream play dough (recipe below) she made a sign for her ice cream parlor! 

Luckily this ice cream shop allows samples because our toddler just dove right in! He loved touching this sensory dough.

We took turns ordering and serving. Scooping and shaking on sprinkles are great for fine motor skills. I love how this pretend play involved both kids!

Here is your order! Doesn't it look good enough to eat? Both of our kids are used to not trying our sensory materials unless I specifically tell them that they are allowed to taste. 

Use your own judgement and supervision with your children.

I just couldn't quit photographing our play because it looked so amazingly real! We want to make about a million more flavors this summer.

You can make it a whole ice cream learning day or gear it towards a summer preschool theme! Be sure to spell out names with our Ice Cream Alphabet Printables! Yes, it's free!

This recipe is so simple that you'll want to create several flavors for lots of sensory play this summer

Ice Cream Dough is this month's recipe for the 12 Months of Sensory Dough!
Recipe for Ice Cream Play Dough:

Mix (dollar store) hair conditioner with corn starch until it reaches an ice cream like consistency!
It's really that simple! 

Mix in the food coloring and "serve" as you play!

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