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Water Wall for Kids

A great way to cool off and engage the kids in fine motor play this summer is a homemade portable water wall! All (but one) of the materials were re-purposed, recycled, and free!

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Once again we're found a way to reuse a baby gate for play by building the water wall on a portion of our Summer Infant play yard! You could also build this water wall on a railing, lattice, or fence. 

I cut the tops off of clear plastic bottles that my preschooler attached to the baby gate with reusable and repositionable velcro straps that are perfect for fine motor muscle development! We all love that the kids can independently change the arrangement of the bottles to alter the water flow!

Even our toddler had a blast experimenting with water, gravity, and what would happen if he moved the bottles on the wall!

Summer Preschool Theme

Pouring, dumping, splashing, and scooping the water all offered fine motor practice for both kids.

The homemade water wall is attached to our deck with the same velcro straps that hold the bottles on the gate. It is quick and easy to remove for storage or to take to a friend's house or to play somewhere else!

While our preschooler cautiously poured the water to avoid getting her clothing wet, our toddler squealed with delight and splashed in the water that fell on the porch!

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  1. Great idea. Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. It looks like your kids have had a great time with it :-)