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Tips for Tiny Foot Rubs

This play idea is brought to you by Knoala – Raise Happier Kids. Knoala is a free app that offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers.

Massage is a bonding sensory experience for you and your child. It is a wonderful way to unwind and slow down together at the end of a busy day. It is a soothing and distracting transition from one activity to the next. Knoala reminds you of ways to feel great while playing with your children. Try a tiny foot rub for your little one tonight before bed!

We've been using baby bedtime massage since birth with all of our children. Now at ages four and one they often request massage when they need to relax! "Push my buttons, Momma," my preschooler will plead. My toddler will take my hand and gently squeeze his own chubby foot with it to get me started! They've learned to recognize massage as a calm time that we spend together to reconnect and relax. Massage releases oxytocin which is the love hormone!

Knoala recommends using a baby oil. We might use coconut oil but sometimes we skip the oil all together. Your baby will let you know when the massage is over either by falling asleep or moving on to a new activity!

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  Knoala is a free app that offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers.
I love the Knoala app because there are days when my kids have kept me up all night, tapped my resources, and (despite my degree in Early Childhood Education) I just don't know what to do with them! I look at my toddler and try to remember what I did to keep his sister busy when she was his age. With Knoala I can check the app for suggestions for the perfect developmentally appropriate activities for my kids!

 P.S. If you liked this activity prompt, be sure to check out the app for yourself!
  Knoala is a free app that offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers. 
  A little bit more about Knoala.... Knoala offers thousands of fun & development-boosting activities for parents to enjoy with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Based on your child's age and local weather conditions, Knoala finds activities that are most suitable for you and your family. Bond with your child over games and crafts that foster artistic, cognitive, emotional, motor, sensory and language skills. Connect with thousand of parents to exchange ideas on how to keep your child happy and busy. Follow the hottest mom and dad bloggers for their expert advice on keeping your little ones entertained. With Knoala in hand, you never have to worry about your child feeling bored again. All content on Knoala are free, and always will be.  

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