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Zoo Animal Check List for Kids

Our preschooler loved going on a Zoo Scavenger Hunt! We've included our zoo animal check list for free for you to print and enjoy!

Every year during our vacation we visit the Cape May Zoo. Since our daughter is currently obsessed with lists and writing I created a zoo animal check list to use during our visit. (Notice she is checking off her favorite animal (the cow) while wearing Cowie on her back!)

"You're giving her homework on vacation?" Mr. SPS asked. But I know my girl and just as I expected she loved the challenge of finding all the animals to check them off. She is always asking for "important work" to do!

I forgot to bring a clipboard but she found many places to stop and mark off animals.  You can easily adapt this activity for younger kids by giving them a sticker to place in the check box for each animal or asking them to color the square instead of writing a check mark. Older kids could create their own check list before their zoo visit, predicting the animals they expect to see and attempting to write their names and/or draw them.

Look how focused she was on her mission! I was excited watching her enthusiasm! You can print out your own zoo animal check list by clicking on the image below. 

This post is dedicated in memory of Brutu, the male lion of the Cape May County Zoo,
who recently passed away. We will always fondly remember your roar! 

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