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Beekeeping: A Pretend Play Prompt

After visiting our friends' bee hive we created our own pretend play beekeeping prompt with costumes and tools. We even made the honeycomb ourselves! 

The material for this month's Project: Recycle & Create is bubble wrap! Since we have honeybees on our minds we saw honeycomb when we looked at our bubble wrap. We made honeycomb prints. 

Next we put the honeycomb prints in a file folder box. E wore her beekeeper's hat (a scarf and a sun hat!) and used a teapot as her smoker. 

She very seriously explained to me that the smoke makes the bees go to the bottom of the hive because they are tired. In this way the pretend play prompt acted as an assessment of what she's learned in our preschool bee unit!

Once the bees were calm from the smoke she opened her hive to check her bees and their frames. 

She used her hive tool to scrap some wax from the honeycomb. She tasted some of the honey and offered it to me as well!

Her she is explaining the honeycomb to me. She pointed out some of the cells that had larvae or "baby bees" in them! 

I think the best part was when she took Mr. SPS outside so show him her bee hive. She relayed all of the information she learned from our friends as she forced him to wear her beekeeping hat!

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  1. Play based learning is still something of a mystery to me. Thank you for this excellent example!

  2. Goodness! What a fun pretend play set up!

  3. I'm doing a bee unit with my daughter and planned to take her to a bee farm for a tour but that won't be able to happen at the time of the unit. This is the perfect substitute! Thank you for sharing !

  4. Bubble wrap makes perfect hives! Great idea!