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Beekeeping for Kids

As part of our beekeeping science unit we took a field trip to see our friends' bee hive and tools! This visit was the perfect way for our kids to discover beekeeping!

Our friends just started beekeeping this year yet their daughter was so motivated and informed that listening to her explain everything was mesmerizing! First they showed us how their bees arrived. The queen was sealed in this small box. Once added to the hive the worker bees ate the plug that was sealing their queen in to free her! When they went to remove the box from the hive they found that the bees had started building honeycomb around it. We were all so interested in seeing this honeycomb up close!

She showed us the tools needed for beekeeping including a smoker, a hive tool, and the bee suits. The smoker was particularly interesting because the smoke calms the bees by masking their stress pheromones. E said it smelled like a charcoal grill! 

I just love how their let their daughter paint the extra supers that will be added to the hive as it grows. It's clear that between the artwork and reading beekeeping books with her dad at night, their daughter has taken beekeeping on as a passion of her own! Just imagine how much she'll know about keeping bees as she grows up with them!

E held some of the empty frames from the unused super. The bees will build their honeycomb on the foundations provided in these frames.

We tried on the beekeeper's hat! On toddler D it went way down to his feet! He loved being inside!

E had a turn to try the hat on as well but she passed on the beekeeping suit! If you aren't bothering the bees they won't sting you anyway.

Last and most importantly we took a walk to see the hive out on their land. We saw a few bees around their new home which has been thriving! 

We are so grateful for wonderful friends who brought beekeeping to life for us as we started our study!

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  1. that is SO AWESOME!!! I have a friend that keeps bees too! I just love bees so much. I love this post!!

  2. Wow, that looks like a great experience. Do you have any picture books that you have used with this topic? My 3;9 year old is very interested in how bees make honey, but we haven't found a great reference yet.

    1. Hi Tarrah,
      I put this post together just for you! Thanks for asking!