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Flubber Sensory Play with Fine Motor Skills

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What do you do when your sensory slime turns into flubber? You use it to practice your fine motor skills of course!

Can I let you in on a little secret? Maybe you will be able to tell by the photos but I did not go into this week planning for this to be our Fine Motor Fridays activity! We created sensory slime using Fun at Home with Kids' recipe. After a few days of being uncovered (oops) it dried out into this interesting concoction that I would best describe as flubber. Taking the shape of it's container it was a bit gooey but mostly solid.

Our preschooler came up to me to tell me she had stuck her finger in it. She asked if we could play with it. When I went to investigate I found several finger pokes in it! She wanted to cut it with scissors so we took it outside. 

Since this was an interest based and child led activity I asked her, "What else can you do with it?"

"I can rip it, stretch it, bounce it, poke it, put things in it, and squish it!"

All of this fine motor work was inspired by a recipe that I would have thrown away. To me it was dried out slime but to her it was a whole new sensory material to explore!

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