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Our Homeschool Organization - By Healthier Spaces Organizing

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We are ready to enter our first year of official homeschooling! We are thrilled to give you a tour of how we are organizing for our homeschool!

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My kids and I do daily crafts, sensory activities, and educational projects together! Unfortunately because we are so busy learning and creating sometimes the house looks like this:

I have good organizational intentions but with two little ones I don't always have the time or energy to follow through. Healthier Spaces Organizing was exactly the solution we needed! As a former teacher and a mom herself, Laura from Healthier Spaces Organizing listened to my goals as a homeschooling parent. We met for an hour consultation first (which is free for all new clients) where she used aromatherapy to relax me as we discussed the obstacles we have as a family for staying organized and brainstormed possible solutions. On a different day she returned and in four hours we did this:

Big improvement, right? The space is now a functional dining area (We are eating at the table!) and an inspiring work place for us to play and learn! My time with Laura flew by as we worked together to incorporate storage solutions we already had to best use the space. So what did we do?

One of the first issues we were having was storing all of our craft supplies and learning materials in an attractive way in the hutch behind the glass doors. Laura suggested jars (many of which I already had on hand) to tie in the kitchen and dining room theme. The jars clearly display their contents, can be removed from the cabinet for projects, and easily returned when we are done! Two cases of mason jars are all I bought for this amazing organizational makeover!

Behind the closed cabinets was an avalanche of craft supplies waiting to happen! Laura and I discussed the materials the kids and I use most. I wanted certain supplies (markers, glue, scissors) to be independently accessible to preschooler E while hidden from toddler D. 

The cabinets now contain all of the larger materials. From left to right we have paint, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, and play dough with clay supplies. Again, supplies are sorted into containers that I already had that we can take out as we're working and quickly return when we're done. Our daughter already knows where her materials are housed so she can create to her heart's content with little assistance from me if I'm otherwise occupied. We are both feeling independent and refreshed now that everything has a place!

This rainbow drawer organizer was in E's closet but it wasn't working in that space. I always wanted to use it for craft supplies but I was concerned about how it would fit with the decor in the dining room area.

After labeling all of the drawers, Laura tucked it into the corner of the room. Since it's on wheels we can roll it out when we're crafting. You know how much we love rainbows!

These mailboxes were handmade and gifted to me when I taught kindergarten by my wonderful classroom aide who also happens to be one of my best friends. They were stuck back in our crawlspace since I cleaned out my classroom to become a write-at-home-mom. During my consultation with Healthier Spaces Organizing, Laura and I were discussing other areas of our home that need work when she asked what was in the crawlspace. She reminded me that what we use least often should be the furthest away while what we use the most should be readily accessible. As I was naming the contents of our crawlspace she asked about the mailboxes. Could we incorporate them into our dining room to give it more of an organized school setting?

They worked perfectly stacked on top of one another to hold paper sorted by color, journals, clipboards, and notebooks right at our fingertips! I was a bit concerned that toddler D would want to take everything right out of these boxes but so far he has left them all alone!

We already have Laura from Healthier Spaces Organizing scheduled to return to help us organize the basement/playroom and then the garage! Her prices are reasonable and totally worth the mental clarity and peaceful function you get in your home where you spend so much of your time. Sure, you might be able to organize your house yourself but will you?

Healthier Spaces Organizing provided us with this organizational work session for writing this review but, as always, all words and enthusiasm are 100% our own! 

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  1. Definitely my closet(s)! I have good intentions as well, but unfortunately nobody else in my family has the organizing gene. Maybe I'm not making it functional enough for them? I don't know, but I need help!

  2. I could really use some help making things more accessible!

  3. My kitchen is always a disaster!!

  4. We've just moved into a much smaller space and will begin year 2 of cyber homeschooling shortly. Would love to have our recently re-purposed dining area turned classroom organized so that it will be more functional as we will be adding school child #2 into the mix this year!

  5. I plan on starting homeschooling this year. Thanks for the tips!

    D. R.

  6. Thanks to Still Playing School for the great review! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions! Thanks everyone!


  7. My whole house needs help, but my basement/garage especially. We never quite finished unpacking from when we moved in. :-o

  8. I could use some tips for the basement...there's storage...there's toys...it needs help!