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Fine Motor Printmaking for Kids

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Have you ever tried printmaking with kids? All you need is a golf tee, paper, paint, and one recycled material!

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This post is a part of our Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z series! Golf tees make the perfect writing tool for this printmaking craft because small writing implements (like golf pencils) are recommended for early writers. A small writing tool requires a child to pinch in the correct pencil grasp automatically!

Our daughter carved her drawing into a recycled styrofoam packing tray. We save the trays that our food comes packaged on and sanitize them in the dishwasher before using for crafts and activities! Her favorite stuffed animal Cowie was the subject of this artwork! 

She brushed paint over her new stamp to make her prints! She wanted to try white on black paper because Cowie is white!

We also made a rainbow Warhol-esque version! This will look so pretty hanging in E's room. 

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