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Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z

Fine motor skills are very important to early childhood activities! Working little hands and fingers through play is how kids strengthen muscles to get ready to write, type, draw, button coats, and much more. We work on these skills so often that we wrote a book titled 99 Fine Motor Ideas!

Everyday materials can strengthen kids' fine motor skills! Great for pre-writing through play, teachers, and OT!

We love to use a variety of fine motor tools and materials in our invitations to play. I have organized my favorite blogs to help show you at least 26 fabulous fine motor materials that you most likely already have in your home right now! Each day a different blog will introduce you to an everyday fine motor material they have used to engage children. We will share creative ways to play, create, explore, and craft with these items!

from LalyMom

D is for Dice
from Still Playing School

E is for Eyedroppers
from Little Bins for Little Hands

F is for Feathers
from And Next Comes L

G is for Golf Tees
from Still Playing School

H is for Hammers
from P is for Preschooler

I is for Ice Cube Trays
from Mama OT

J is for Junk Mail
from School Time Snippets

K is for Keys
from Sugar Aunts

L is for Lids
from Lemon Lime Adventures

M is for Muffin Tins
from And Next Comes L

N is for Newspaper
from Still Playing School

O is for Ornaments
from School Time Snippets

P is for Paperclips
from Powerful Mothering

Q is for Q-Tips
from Mamas Like Me

R is for Rubber Bands
from Where Imagination Grows

S is for Straws
from House of Burke

T is for Tongs
from Craftulate

U is for Umbrellas
from Still Playing School

V is for Vaseline
from Carrots Are Orange

W is for Water Bottles
from Adventures of Adam

X is for BoXes
from The Realistic Mama

Y is for Yarn
from Stir the Wonder

Z is for Zippers
from Racheous - Lovable Learning

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