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Graphing for Kids

Data collection and graphing are real life applications of math concepts for kids. While creating a graph together we discuss more than, less than, and equal to while tallying data.

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Our preschooler E has been loving the ability to ask our Still Playing School community a daily question over on our Facebook page! She asked for your favorite colors and then she asked me which one "won" with the most votes. I told her that we could find out together by making a graph!

We created a line for each color plus an extra space for some miscellaneous choices. (Because, yes, rainbow is considered a color to us and some of our readers!) I read the colors from our Facebook page as E marked each vote with stamp from a Do-a-Dot marker. E was excitedly chatting with me about which colors were "winning" and which ones were tied or equal! I love seeing her so animated about math concepts!

Once the votes were all recorded on our graph E counted the dots. She wrote the total number on the line as well. Purple (or Violet) was the clear winner which made us both smile!

We both hope you'll join us over on Facebook so you can be a part of the next question E asks!

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  1. Wow! Such a great idea. And it applies to real life. The best kind of math!