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6 Fine Motor Play Activities with Dice

Dice are versatile in teaching kids math concepts while simultaneously practicing fine motor skills! Here are six fine motor activities with dice.

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This post is a part of our Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z series! Almost every home has board games that contain dice. I dug ours out to see all the ways our preschooler would find to play.

1. Stack the dice - With her new love of building inspired by Korxx blocks fresh in her mind, the first thing E E did with the dice was stack them into a tower! This was a great fine motor activity.

2. Flip the dice - She discovered by pressing one finger down on the dice she could flip them to a new number! To play this game I would give her a number goal and she would flip the die until she got it!

3. Imprint the dice - We added play dough to press the dice into to make imprints. I gave E a sum and she would push the correct addends into the clay to create the equation.

"How can you make 10?"
"4 and 1 and 5 make 10!"

4. Stamp the dice - You will need one regular die and one color die for this game. We found a color die in Cranium but you could buy color dice, make your own, or just shout out a color after your child rolls the number die.

Once the dice were rolled, E would stamp the number using the color on square pieces of paper. This familiarized her with the position of the dots on the dice while she worked on fine motor skills for the stamping. She loved this activity!

5. Make the dice - E is learning 3D shapes so we discussed how to make a cube from clay. We rolled a ball and that flattened the six faces. Next she used the real die as a model as she poked the dots into the dough with a chop stick. This is another great activity for familiarizing kids with the position of the dots on the die so they recognize the numeral represented without counting each time.

6. Show the dice - We used our counting bears to show the number and color rolled. E used this as another addition game by adding the bears from one roll to previous bears. She would count on to get the new total!

Intentional and simple fine motor work can be an inviting exploration for children using the materials you already have in your home (or the babysitter's house or grandpa's house, etc.) We look forward to sharing the rest of this creatively fun series with you! Tomorrow Little Bins for Little Hands is up with the letter E!

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