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Newspaper Mache Balloon Animal Craft for Kids

I fondly remember making these paper mache balloon animals in art class as a kid! You only need newspaper, glue, a balloon, and some art supplies for the adorable details. It's a fun and fabulous recycled craft!

This post is for the letter N in our Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z series! Almost every household has newspaper or other paper that needs to be recycled.

Kids can cut and rip the newspaper into small pieces as a fine motor exercise. Dip the paper into a watered down glue solution (two parts water to one part white glue) and lay the paper over the balloons. Repeat this for three layers of newspaper (alternating regular newsprint with a colored page like the comics allows you to see how many layers you've completed) resting the balloons in a bowl as you work.

After allowing the paper mached balloons to dry for two to three days carefully pop the balloon and remove it from the now dry paper shell. We used masking tape to cover the hole were we had removed the balloon and also to smooth out any surfaces that were a bit too bumpy from our newspaper layers.

Our preschooler E recently made tried printmaking featuring her best stuffed animal friend Cowie so naturally she wanted to make her balloon into a likeness of her best buddy as well! First she painted the entire balloon white then painted a peach nose. She used marker for the spots and nostrils, Craft Project Ideas wiggly eyes, cotton ball horns, and construction paper ears. All the detail artwork was further fine motor practice!

Her delicate Cowie replica turned out to be a perfect match! We are all thrilled with the adorable results so we may have to create a whole farmyard of newspaper mache friends to keep her company.

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