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Tips to Get Kids to Try New Foods

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Magic occurred in my kitchen today while I was cleaning fresh fruits and veggies. My kids both tried a food they had previously refused without me even saying a word!

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Our toddler D climbed up in the Kitchen Helper to watch me wash and cut strawberries, broccoli, and cauliflower. He was snacking on the berries which I expected but I didn't offer him the vegetables because he has refused broccoli in the past. His preschool sister liked her broccoli cooked but also refuses to eat it raw.

While I worked I slid the bowl of vegetables closer for D to investigate. I figured that the sensory experience of exploring the broccoli would keep him occupied while I worked. And then this happened:

He ate the broccoli! Without the pressure of me urging him to try it he decided to go for it on his own. I was modeling this behavior for him by snacking occasionally while I chopped but other than that and pushing the bowl within his reach I did nothing else! 

No bribing, no pleading, no arguing, no issues! The best part was he liked it. He continued to snack on it for the rest of the afternoon! Then E walked into the kitchen and asked what D was doing. I answered that he was eating broccoli and guess what she did. 

I love that the opportunity to observe and explore along side me in the kitchen turned into a peaceful experience of both kids trying (and liking!) a new, healthy food!

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  1. Dynamite !!!! I have got to try this with our daughter. A 2 1/2 year old who just will not eat any food she does not like the look of. This method will be tried with many different foods, fruits & vegs. Many thanks !!