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Letter Stamping on the Light Table

We loved learning with our alphabet slime so much that we had to put the clear slime back on the light table for this month's version of 12 Months of Sensory Dough: Slime Dough!

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This is the same batch of slime for our last activity so you'll be happy to hear that if you put plastic treasures in this sensory recipe the pieces will come out clean plus you can reuse the slime again! We used Fun at Home with Kids' recipe for clear slime. This time we stored it in an air tight container between uses so we didn't end up with flubber again!

This slime recipe is stretchy but not sticky, slick but not gooey! It is totally irresistible on the light table. This time we had the opportunity to experience the slime on our brand new Prism Light Center

This was also our toddler's first time with light table play since the Prism Light Center is durable enough to withstand rough and tumble toddler play plus it is within his reach. He loved exploring letters in the slime along with his sister. I loved watching them both interact in this literacy rich sensory invitation.

And, oh, what sensory fun it was! Both kids wanted to push the letters in the slime along with their hands and even their feet! 

We practiced spelling sight words by stamping our letter magnets into the slime on the light table. The kids had to use their fine motor skills to pull the letters back out of the slime leaving an indentation behind. 

The letter stamping made the impressions glow on the light table! What an awesome effect to add to literacy learning.

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