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Building with Marshmallows

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Our preschooler has a renewed interest in building and construction. I point all the credit for her new passion to Korxx blocks for giving her the confidence she needed about her engineering skills! For this invitation I presented her with every size and shape of marshmallow we could find and let her imagination do the rest.

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We used jumbo, regular, flat, mini, and tiny marshmallows for this activity. E sorted them by size first.

Next she used the toothpicks provided to construct sculptures. This was excellent experience in experimenting with balance, structure, and form.

She made a snowman. He is holding an umbrella since it was a sunny summer day. We don't want him to melt too quickly!

Next she made a train for her toddler brother D. He is obsessed with trains but he was sleeping while we played.

This will be a regular invitation to create during our homeschool preschool this fall! The possibilities are endless and the variety of marshmallows made it extra fun.

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