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Homeschool Planning Giveaway

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Is there anything more exciting than the beginning of a new school year? I love brand new school supplies, fall weather, a decluttered homeschooling space, and a fresh start. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Mama Miss was the final touch we needed to get organized!

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I am extremely picky when it comes to planners. I can never find the perfect one in stores. When I taught kindergarten I would spend countless hours creating my own lesson plan pages. Now that we're homeschooling our needs are even more individualized.

I already have the Blogger Planner by Mama Miss and I was drooling over her Teacher Planner too so when I read that she was creating a Homeschool Planner I was ecstatic! The layouts of her planning pages are beautiful and soothing but my favorite part is that they are adaptable to any method of teaching!

There are many ways that you can bind and organize the homeschool planner but I haven't committed to a bound layout just yet. Just like every other aspect of our new homeschooling venture, we'd like to try out several ways here in the beginning to see what works best for us. The beauty of this homeschool planner is that I can organize it any way I'd like and add or subtract pages through the year to fit our needs. I do think I'll most likely laminate several of the sheets to use to dry erase pens because I like to reuse and reduce waste as much as possible!

You can order your own Ultimate Homeschool Planner or enter to win our giveaway to win one below! I guarantee this planner will be the perfect fit for your homeschooling family!

I received a copy of the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for this review but, as always, all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% my own!

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  1. This is great! I've been searching for a good homeschool planner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. E started August 27th, Irelyn starts September 16th, but we still do home school curriculum. This is great!