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Tips for Donating Your Hair

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My daughter and I donated over 18 inches of hair (length combined) to children with hair loss! It was so rewarding and we learned a lot along the way. Here are our tips for if you are considering donating your hair.

My preschooler E and I were both growing out our hair with the end goal of donating to a charity that provides free wigs for children. 

If your kids are joining in, explain the whole process:
E knew long before we cut what we planned to do with our hair, who it would help, and why. This made her much more involved and dedicated to the donation process. This was her choice and she was quite happy about it!

Make sure you have the correct length:
The minimum hair length for hair that I could find was 8 inches (which is what E donated). My hair is dyed but not bleached so it is also acceptable. I donated a little over 10 inches. We both needed to ponytail our hair (or braid it) before cutting and we tied it in several places to keep it secure.

Research your options: 

I've both heard and read conflicting things about certain hair donation charities so ultimately you will need to do your research and donate to the program that leaves you feeling the most comfortable.

We chose to donate to Children with Hair Loss because they would accept both of our donations (while they prefer non-treated hair they will accept all donations in good condition) but there are several more options available!

Donate together: 
It meant a lot to us that we could both donate our hair at the same time! You could put together a group or friends or a team at work to see how many inches of hair you can ship all at one time.


We are celebrating in little ways. E loves to tell everyone who compliments her hair cut just what she did with her long locks. We love that we use less shampoo, time, and effort on her hair each morning. You can also reward yourself or your child with new hair accessories. Children with Hair Loss will also be sending E a certificate of appreciation in the mail.

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