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Monster Hands Color Matching Activity for Kids

Our kids had so much fun matching monster claws to the correctly colored monster hands! We worked on sorting, color identification, patterns, and more!

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M is for Monsters! This post is part of All Done Monkey's 31 Days of ABCs. Last year we joined up to work on gross motor skills while Vacuuming Letter Vs so  this year we picked a fine motor activity that is festive for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

For this game we washed, dried, then dyed pistachio shells (Yes, we save everything!) with liquid watercolors! Next I traced my own hand on matching colors of construction paper. I added a bit of monster fur before I cut out the hands and laminated them

Our kids loved matching the monster claws to the matching hands. They were sorting. Our toddler D was shouting out the color names he knew while he worked! We worked on patterns. I even asked our preschooler E who is advanced in math how many monster claws we would need total for the five hands. We discussed how we should count by fives since each hand has five fingers. Considering ways to quickly calculate five times five is the introduction to multiplication!

And because we've been a bit obsessed with witches around here lately, we had some fun with a witchy manicure, too! Look at her fierce witch face! 

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  1. This is perfect for Halloween time! (P.S. I love the witchy face, lol!)

  2. What a cool idea! Lots of learning but still tons of fun. And I LOVE the witch face!