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Thanksgiving Turkey Geoboard

Our Thanksgiving Turkey Geoboard was holiday fine motor practice while we worked on so many math concepts! We discussed patterns, symmetry, geometry, and measurement during this fun and engaging homeschool preschool math lesson.

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This week's Playful Preschool theme is feathers! We decided to take the inspiration from our jack-o-lantern geoboard to create a turkey geoboard. Remember, you can always search the hashtag #playfulpreschool on social media to find all of our preschool ideas each week!

First our preschooler E made a turkey body with googly eyes, card stock, and a construction paper beak and wattle. She used our favorite glue bottle that never clogs, too! 

The turkey's head fit perfectly in between the pegs so we didn't even have to tape him up. E stretched loom loops onto our geoboard to create the turkey's feathers. This is a motivating open ended activity for preschoolers that works those fine motor muscles!

She worked on patterns by alternating colors. Creating and completing patterns is an important early childhood math skill.

Next we played a game with symmetry. I would place a feather on one side of the turkey and E would have to copy it on the other side. 

We discussed what symmetry meant (the same on both sides) as the game grew more complex. Soon we were figuring out where each feather began and ended by counting the number of pegs over and up to make the feathers even and equal in length.

E wanted to make a rainbow turkey of course because we love rainbows! Finally we worked on a bit of geometry when I asked her to create triangle feathers for her turkey. We talked about how we would need to hook the loops around three pegs for the triangles since each triangle has three corners.

I love creating play based learning activities that can be adapted for all ages of children who are working on different academic skills. From the open ended creative challenge of simply completing the turkey to the advanced math concepts we worked on in this lesson, our turkey geoboard is complete versatile for your classroom or home as well!

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  1. Love geo boards and how they make it easyfor preschoolers to learn symmetry. Very prepretty symmetrical turkey!

    1. Thank you! I loved playing as much as she did!

  2. This is so cool! Great hands-on math learning!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! We had a lot of fun while learning!

  3. That is an awesome learning activity and is adorable too! Did you make your own Geoboard?

    1. Thanks, Theresa! We did make the geoboard! You can read a bit about the process and where we got our inspiration here:

  4. I haven't tried geo-boards with my son yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. LOVE this geo-board! What a fun way to learn with the band "feathers!" Great playful learning inspiration!