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New Year's Water Beads Play for Kids

We decided to celebrate New Year's Eve with the kids a bit early since we aren't sure if they will stay awake until midnight! But if your kids do or even to celebrate before or after the ball drops here is a beautiful fine motor activity to celebrate the new year.

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We set out dollar store plastic champagne glasses, water beads, a pretty coffee scoop (any spoon will do but my kids love access to kitchen tools they may not have used before), and a glass bowl and dish on our ALEX Toys Prism Light Center. Here our preschooler E was inviting her toddler brother to come check out the invitation to play!

E had been diligently sorting the water beads by color into the drink glasses. When toddler D came over he just began random practicing his scooping and pouring as we have done on this light table before! We always closely supervise our kids while playing with water beads but if your children still taste or mouth toys you may want to use pompoms or cotton balls instead. 

We love how the water beads look on the light table but this activity would work just as well without one. The kids couldn't resist this fine motor activity!

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