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Egg Carton and Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

Aren't all kids crazy about dinosaurs? We read the book Dinosaurumpus then made a Triceratops craft using recycled items including egg cartons and cupcake liners for this month's Book Club Play Date!

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The children's book Dinosaurumpus! by Tony Mitton tells of dinosaurs dancing in a swamp. One of the first characters is a Triceratops. We decided to craft our own colorful dinosaurs to dance along!

We painted recycled egg cartons. We always try to craft with reusable materials that would otherwise be thrown away! I love how our toddler is watching and copying our preschooler painting here!

I poked three holes for the dinosaurs' three horns. Our preschooler and I had a discussion about the prefix tri- meaning three in words like triangle and Triceratops.

The kids poked Craft Project Ideas' fuzzy sticks into the holes as horns which was great fine motor work. We also glued on the wiggly eyes

The finishing touch is a colored cupcake liner as a plate behind the Triceratops' heads. Fold the liner so the colored side is on the outer part then tape to the inside of the egg carton. We might need to go back to reinforce this with glue as our dinos have been doing quite a bit of dancing to reenact the story!

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