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Math with KORXX: Sorting Cork Blocks by Attributes

We've loved KORXX blocks since we first played with the natural cork toys! These sensory toys are durable, quiet, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing! We've told you how they are different than typical cork. Now we're back to share a whole series of posts about how to play and learn with KORXX!

This post is sponsored by KORXX. As their blog ambassador, we are thrilled to represent them. As always, all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% are own!

KORXX blocks are irresistible! Now that we own several sets of these all natural, eco-friendly toys, we are excited to be promoting their Kickstarter campaign. In their own words, here is why KORXX wants to raise funds to promote their products:

Aside from the multiple benefits of the free creative play appeal of KORXX, we've teamed with several other educational blogs to share ideas of how you can extend the early childhood learning with KORXX blocks

We inspired our toddler to notice the difference between the color and natural sets of KORXX blocks by placing the in two different hula hoops during play. 

It was a natural progression to ask our children to sort KORXX blocks colors by matching roofs on houses and tops on trees during pretend play! 

We sorted the round blocks by size. We have small, medium, and large. We stacked them accordingly.

I challenged our gifted preschooler to sort KORXX blocks by more than one attribute using hula hoops as a Venn diagram. The idea is that each independent hoop contains blocks with a particular attribute and where the hoops combine we sort blocks that have both characteristics.

Above we have colored KORXX blocks on the left, rectangular KORXX on the right, and colored rectangular blocks in the center!

You can tell your children your idea for sorting or see if they can deduct the attributes as you work. Above we have square blocks on the left, small blocks on the right, and small square KORXX blocks in the center!

Can you guess how we sorted in the picture above? It's a bit different so it's tricky! We have "long and skinny" blocks on the left, blocks that are rounded on the right, and long skinny rounded blocks in the center!

We are huge fans of rainbow colors! We began sorting our KORXX blocks in stacks by similar colors but we soon found ourselves creating structures of each individual color!

Adults and children alike can't resist building with these tactile visionary blocks. KORXX blocks are a toy for the whole family! Invest in their Kickstarter campaign to get the very best price on owning your own KORXX blocks once they reach their goal!

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KORXX is generously giving away one set of Form C blocks if you are willing to just click over to check out their Kickstarter campaign:

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