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Quick as a Cricket Sensory Play

We love the book Quick as a Cricket! We extended the learning by acting out parts of the story with sensory play outside! 

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This month for our Book Club Play Dates series, we read Audrey Wood's Quick as a Cricket! This book is beautifully illustrated.

The child in the story sometimes feels as quick as a cricket, as slow as a snail, and small as an ant and as large as a whale! It's a fantastic book for discussing emotions, behavior, opposites, and similes! 

We went outside to our garden tables for Quick as a Cricket themed sensory play in the sun! We took our basket filled with small animals to match to the characters in the story. We especially love Safari Ltd figures for small world play!

I invited our preschooler to practice her scissor skills by trimming the grass we've planted in the table gardens to make the perfect setting like in the story.

We discussed the similes in the story. What does it mean to be "as small as an ant"? Can you act out being "as tough as a rhino"? What other animals can you find that were in our book?

We found a hammerhead shark but luckily ours wasn't being mean like the one in the story! Acting out literature is a calm and safe way to discuss and explore emotions that we all feel!

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