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Funnel Painting Process Art for Kids

We are dedicated in planning activities for our kids but I'll even admit that we don't do open ended process art projects as much as we'd should! This invitation to paint with funnels was the perfect creative outlet for our kids.

Use funnels and paint as a fun process art invitation for kids!

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We joined up with other creative kid blogs to join the Process Art Challenge. This month's theme is paint so we chose splatter/drip painting! As you can likely imagine, this process art invitation can get messy so we first taped out paper down to a large piece of cardboard outside (a flatten shipping box worked perfectly for our base). 

I also predicted that the dripping paint would get our paper really saturated so we used cardstock. Canvases would work well, too! Next I handed our preschooler and toddler each a funnel

I asked the kids to hold the funnels over the paper. I poured acrylic paint in the colors of their choice into the funnels. Their job was the move the funnels around as the paint dripped out to create the artwork.

The fine motor skills required for this artwork included taping down the paper and holding the funnels! If you have the kids work cooperatively and squeeze the paint into the funnels that works hand muscles too.

Our toddler turned this process painting into a gross motor activity, too. He stood up and walked around his paper to paint as his preschool sister choose to remain sitting. You can see their personalities reflected in their processes and their art!

It took quite awhile for this much paint to dry but I am in love with the completed artwork! The colors swirled and mixed together in the most beautiful ways.

We'd love to see pictures if you try this process art with your own kids or class! Please share them over on our Facebook page!

Won't you join us in inviting your kids to create through our Process Art Challenge? Which technique will you try first?

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  1. We have got to try this one! I love how the colors mix together!

  2. This is great! I'm definitely going to try this.

  3. Great activity! Will be trying out with my little one during the summer vacation :)