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Back to School Process Art for Kids

Our kids love collaborating on process art projects together. Painting with a school bus is the perfect large and fine motor back to school invitation to create! Kids can learn their school bus route number as an added bonus, too.

School Bus Process Art Painting Back to School Craft for Kids

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Painting with a toy bus for back to school

You will need paint (We used acrylic paint but you can use a washable paint.), cardstock or paper, and toy buses. For the vehicle for painting, any typical toy school bus will do. 

Optionally, we put down a flattened box just like we did for our funnel process art painting to contain the mess!

Toddler process art painting with school bus

The kids ran the bus tires through the paint then drove over the paper to create their artwork. Our bus would go if you pulled it back which made the experience even more messy and fun! 

Learn bus route numbers through painting

When I was a classroom teacher, I always wanted my students to learn their own bus route numbers as soon as possible which was a tricky task for some kindergarteners. Students could use a bus to paint their own bus number as a tactile way to help them retain this information!

We enjoyed driving the bus back and forth to each other adding paint as needed to experiment with the marks made by the tires. There was so much discussion about what was happening and predictions being made about what else we might try with our bus.

An alternative and less messy idea would be driving the bus through play dough to make tracks and bus route numbers impressions in the dough. 

Transportation theme art idea for kids

Put away the paintbrushes and create are with a toy school bus as a creative way to celebrate back to school season with your littlest learners! 

Back to School Process Art for Kids

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  1. Hi ,we are long time cars and trucks painters but we never tried a school bus! Ok, we don't have one that might be why, lol. We need to find a cool one like yours that pulls back and has those awesome tire tracks! Either way it's been a while since we painted with vehicles so we will do it again with or without the bus (my son is homeschooled so it doesn't mean as much to him) but we never tried a pull vehicle before, so that should be fun! Thanks for the inspiration!