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Reading Eggs and Mathseeds

One of the most common question we get asked as homeschoolers is what curriculum or programs we use to teach our kids. While we are still largely finding our way, piecing together what works as we create our own play based learning activities, we can't pass up a fantastic option when we find one. We have found an amazing resource for our kids that teaches both math and reading online in Reading Eggs and Mathseeds!

Our favorite website for teaching reading and math!
This post was sponsored by Reading Eggs.
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(We were paid customers of Reading Eggs before establishing a working relationship with them!)

We wrote about Reading Eggs several years ago when we first discovered the program. I listed our the reasons I love it as a teacher turned mom. It blows the other online reading programs available out of the water. There is honestly no comparison in my (professional) eyes!

A year and a half later I'm back to report that Reading Eggs completely taught our preschooler to read. In the meantime we also fell in love with Mathseeds. We purchased the companion package of both. Part of our daughter's daily homeschooling work is to work on each program. We just recently started our two year old on the programs now as well!

He still struggles a bit with using a mouse but he's a pro at touch screen tablets! Reading Eggs and Mathseeds tests kids in the beginning to they start perfectly at their current level. While our daughter works on her online reading and math at the computer, he can use the tablet. I can monitor both and assist as needed as well as get a clear idea of what I should be working on next with them developmentally.

Reading Eggs is currently offering our readers an extended FREE trial. Instead of the typical two weeks to sample the program, you will get FOUR weeks to see what you think! Let's thank them by signing up before the offer expires on September 30! I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. I'm SO excited to start our free trial!! I have been wanting to try Reading Eggs and Mathseeds forever. Now that I will be homeschooling our preschooler this Fall, I can't wait to work this program into our curriculum! Thanks for the opportunity Still Playing School and Reading Eggs!! :)

  2. Cool! I am adding a reminder to sign up for when we get back from vacation!

  3. Just signed up for Reading Eggs! Excited to have a peek - thanks for introducing me!