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Color Surprise Game for Kids

Our kids love those videos where people are opening eggs to find what's inside! I decided to use that enthusiasm to learn, match, and name colors. We used a few materials to create a fun color surprise fine motor game!

Use everyday items to create a color game for preschool kids!

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Colors Preschool Theme
When the kids weren't looking I stuffed rainbow scarves into plastic colored eggs. I made sure that we had a scarf to represent every color of the rainbow but I didn't put them in their matching eggs. I also added a rainbow striped scarf in the pink egg! 

"What do you think could be inside?" This activity was a way to discuss the opposites in and out.

It was so much fun as the kids opened the eggs because the scarves would pop out and unravel! It was fantastic fine motor practice, too! 

The kids took turns selecting and opening the eggs. "Just wait a minute! It is your sister's turn now. She is picking red. What color do you think is inside? Now it is your turn!"

Once all the eggs were opened we put the scarves in rainbow order on our tray. We named the colors as we worked.

The kids wanted to put the eggs on the matching scarf. There are so many ways you can play and learn with a few simple materials! 

I will put this invitation to play out again this week. This time I might ask the kids to put the scarves in the eggs themselves. We will work on matching the scarves inside the corresponding eggs. 

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  1. What a fun sensory experience and game! Our kids love trying to open and close eggs. The ones that open with a vertical line are especially challenging for them.

  2. What a great idea! I love that they created a rainbow with the scarves and then matched the eggs.

  3. What a great activity for learning colors and getting valuable fine motor practice!

  4. We love rainbow scarves and we have a ton of leftover eggs so we are set to give this a go!

  5. What a fun game. I love the fine motor challenge and it would be ideal for use with the OT that we're doing with my eldest.

  6. What a fun challenge for fine motor and color matching skills! So many ways to play with simple materials. Great idea!

  7. What an awesome activity - colors, predictions, fine motor skills, and lots of fun!!!!

  8. Beautiful scarves and a great idea! There are so many ways to expand on this!

  9. This game is beautiful and fun. I want to play just so I can play with the scarfs but I know that my kids would love this.