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Cinquain Poetry for Kids

Cinquains are a great way to introduce kids to parts of speech and poetry writing at the same time! We created a simple printable which makes the cinquain poetry even easier to write. Our daughter and I loved this writing exercise as part of our homeschool curriculum this week.

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A cinquain is a poem with five lines. Our printable shows how many words of what type should be on each line. I also have seen some cinquains count syllables like a haiku so you could try that version if you want even more of a challenge for your talented writers. 

Fall Preschool Theme

Since this was our first try at writing poetry, we began by brainstorming seasonal topics. I chose candy corn for my cinquain and modeled writing the following poetry:

candy corn
sweet, striped
eating, chewing, melting
my favorite autumn candy

Our daughter chose leaves for her topic. We discussed each part of speech as she chose two adjectives, three verbs, four more words, then a synonym to write about her subject. Her poem is:

orange, yellow
swaying, falling, crumbling,
they fall from trees

I've made the Cinquain Writing Sheet available for our email subscribers as a freebie! You could assign a different tree to each student in your classroom or allow your own child to study leaves that interest them most. 

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  1. What a fabulous poem - and great idea. I'm printing off and going to be using with the kids.

  2. Will be printing for my kiddos! Thanks for the outline!