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Number Line Games

I absolutely love when we can adapt one activity to the current learning levels of both of our kids! This active number line turned into several games that met the needs of our two and five year old. It'd be a great idea for recess for an entire classroom of students, too!

Learn math in a hands on way with this gross motor number line game for kids from Still Playing School

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I used duct tape for our number line with our favorite glitter chalk to write the numbers. You can certainly use chalk for the whole line but I knew the tape would intrigue our kids' interest. I was right as they were out joining me to investigate as soon as I started laying down the tape!

First I asked the kids to stand on their age number. Our daughter pointed out that they are technically 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 so they stood accordingly! 

We were jumping and walking along the number line practicing number identification when our toddler decided to line up his shadow. We began discussing how we could measure the shadow this way. 

Our daughter remembered from our introduction to measurement activity that we need to start at the end of the line so she accurately measured her own shadow this way. 

We also practiced addition and subtraction as we moved along our number line. Our son liked making his toy frog hop the numbers making this a fine motor as well as a gross motor activity! 

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  1. I usually draw the line, using tape is a great way to have it visually stand out (and keep it straight!) Can't wait to set this up on our driveway today.

  2. Love the duct tape idea cause my lines are never straight and I love how mlore than what you planned was pulled out of this activity. Great job.

  3. Love the duct tape idea cause my lines are never straight and I love how mlore than what you planned was pulled out of this activity. Great job.

  4. Fantastic idea I think I can even do this with the duct tape on the grass and foam numbers (no driveway here!)

  5. I love that your son hopped his frog along the number line! So cute!

  6. Yet another game of yours that my son would LOVE! The duct tape is so smart!

  7. My daughter saw this on here and was so excited about it! She mostly loved the tutu! ;)

  8. Love all the ways you were able to learn with the number line! Shadow measuring is my favorite!

  9. I love this number line activity! Its so visual and fun.

  10. LOL - I had to laugh at the 1/2 years....SO IMPORTANT!:) Great activity for teaching number line awareness!

  11. What a great way to combine learning with movement.

  12. I love seeing ideas that include gross motor related! I could always use ideas to combine movement with learning!