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Fall Leaves In and Out Activity for Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep your little ones hands busy and quietly practicing fine motor skills this fall? I love to set out intriguing invitations to play for our children. This autumn leaves busy box activity inspired so much learning as we played! It's the perfect activity for a fall theme.

This fine motor activity keeps kids busy, entertained, and quiet as they learn about fall leaves!

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Have you unfortunately noticed that kids love to pull wipes out of the box or empty an entire box of tissues? I put this natural curiosity to work to benefit our kids' fine motor skills by filling an empty, cleaned baby wipes container with fake autumn leaves! They couldn't resist wanting to see what was inside when I explained the game! 

As they pulled out the leaves, we named the colors. We discussed how the leaves on the trees change in the fall (and how and why for our older daughter)! 

Fall Preschool Theme

We used prepositions such as in and out to describe where our leaves were in relation to the box. 

We matched leaves by color and shape. Of course, when we pulled all the leaves out the kids wanted to take turns refilling the empty wipes container. We counted our leaves as we put them back in. 

Now that we've explored this activity together I can present it to the kids again for independent or partner play while I get a few things done in the meantime!

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