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Place Value Game with Dice

Last week we had a lot of fun learning about place value with tens and ones while playing our domino game! We built on this same concept using dice this time to work on hundreds, tens, and ones. 

Teach kids about place value of hundreds, tens, and ones while playing this math game with dice!

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All you need for this game is three dice, a pencil, and the free printable we've made for you! Well, you could technically play without the printable, but it organizes the numbers so nicely. You'll also want to keep the dice for all the other learning ideas we have listed at the end of this post!

Players take turns rolling three dice. They need to arrange the dice in the hundreds, tens, and ones place to make the largest number possible. I also ask kids to draw the dice to practice subitizing. They write the numeral and then it's the next player's turn. Our preschooler had fun rolling the dice for my turn while I was playing this game with his older sister. He loves to be included in every activity we do!

Most rounds will have a clear winner determined by the greater than or less than sign but we even had a round where we tied! It was interesting to ask E what symbol we should put in the box. It took her awhile before she realized the equal sign would work.

Ready to play? 

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