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Leaf Cutter Ant Craft for Kids

By Devany | Labels:
Leaf cutter ants are fascinating insects that live in the rainforest! This simple craft is a great way to work on fine motor skills and teach preschoolers about these farming insects.

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The kids began by watching a short video about leaf cutter ants. Next they drew a line on their paper to be the ground (and to work on writing horizontally from left to right)! We love our Do-a-Dot markers. This set includes black ones! We discussed how the ants have a head, abdomen, and thorax then each child added three dots connected together while counting. "One, two, three!"

To differentiate the learning, you can invite more advanced writers to add two antenna and six legs to each ant. 

We tore paper "leaves" for the ants to carry home to their colonies. If your child is having trouble ripping the paper you can tear small notches to get them started. Tearing paper is great for fine motor skills!

Again, the kids worked on a one to one counting skill as the glued down one leaf per ant. I just love how different the craft looks for each child based on their ability levels!

Did you know that the leaf cutter ants don't actually eat the leaves? They eat a fungus that they grow from the leaves as they decay meaning that these little insects are actually tiny farmers!

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