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Farm Animal Sorting

Our kids love learning about animals! We worked on early literacy skills, reading, and sorting as we identified which animals live on a farm. You can use this interactive pocket chart activity with children using our free printable. It's perfect for a preschool farm theme!
Farm Animal Sorting Sentences Work on early literacy and reading with this free printable!

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When our oldest daughter was a preschooler we did this farm animal sorting activity using a pocket chart. Now we've recreated the same early literacy center for our son but this time we made a free printable so that you can use this same set with your kids! We've also added some early literacy and pre-reading skills that I have experience teaching as a former kindergarten teacher. 

Free printable for farm animal sorting sentences

Pocket charts are the perfect set up for this reading center because they allow children to separate, identify, and manipulate the words in a hands on way. We put the sentence at the top with the animal cards providing a picture cue for early readers. We also created a yes column and a no column for sorting.

I begin by pointing out that the sentence in our pocket chart is a question. We can tell because it ends with a question mark.

Next we count how many words are in the sentence. Cutting each word out individually instead of writing the entire sentence on one strip of paper serves two purposes. 

Since the bright color of the pocket chart shows through between each word (in our case the color is red) it helps children understand concepts of print. In this case, preschoolers are learning that print is organized in words and sentences when we read and write. 

It also allows us to easily switch out the card with the animal picture and word printed in it to change the question.

Farm Preschool Theme

Our preschooler loved pointing to each word as he read. Then he moved the animal card to the appropriate part of the chart to show he knew which creatures lived on a farm. 

As children use picture cues as they begin to read, be sure to direct them back to the printed word as well. For example, in this photo if a child read the word as chicken, we would point out that the word begins with the letter r so it must be rooster. 

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