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Ten Apples Up On Top Gross Motor Game

When you think of the beginning of the school year, apples immediately come to mind! Preschools have apple themes and everyone loves to count with the book Ten Apples Up On Top. We've extended the math learning in this book by turning it into a gross motor movement activity for kids!

Ten Apples Up On Top Movement Game for Kids This is the perfect gross motor idea for an apple theme in preschool!
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We're excited to kick off this school year with a weekly post on a well loved children's book along with tons of educational ideas to go with each one! This series is called the Virtual Book Club for Kids and we hope you'll join in the fun. 

This week's book is Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss. The only other material you'll need for our game is sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk activities for kids

Begin by inviting children to trace the body outline of a friend. This is fantastic pre-writing practice but an adult may need to do the tracing depending on this child's fine motor skills

Ten Apples Up On Top Movement Game

Once the person outline is complete, kids can add details to their self-portrait. Children or adults can add the apples on top of the head but be sure to make them large enough for a child to stand inside each space. Number the apples as the kids help you count. 

Read the book as children move the the corresponding apple each time you say a number. Kids need to move often while they are learning so this is the perfect way to practice math in an active way!

We loved this movement activity because there are so many ways to play. Here each kid was asked to stand on their age. 

Our older daughter practiced addition using the apples. I would give her a math fact then she would move along the number line to solve for the sum. Challenge kids to practice skip counting by only stepping on the odd or even numbers. 

Apple Themed Movement Gross Motor Game

I love to think of creative ways to allow kids to move as they learn instead of requiring them to sit still. You can invite them to hop, step, and stop along these apples as they work on number identification and practice one to one counting all at the same time. 

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  1. Great pictures! I love this for a Fall themed gross motor activity!

  2. Love the addition of the outline of a child. Wonderful gross motor activity.

  3. This is perfect for my drive way and we have some extra chunky chalks ready :-)