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Turn Kids Art into Jewelry

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Meaningful creations full of memories always make the very best gifts! We had the opportunity to turn our daughter's own drawing into jewelry that we will cherish forever. The process was simple, the quality of the artwork necklace is amazing, and we're all thrilled with the results! We can't wait to tell you more.

This makes a perfect gift! Turn kids' art from a drawing into keepsake one of a kind jewelry!

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as always, all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% our own. 

Our oldest daughter is an artist. Ever since she could first hold a pencil she's been drawing, doodling, and writing. She loves to take art classes to work on techniques that far surpass my own knowledge.

She's inspired and passionate about the creative process so we always want to do whatever we can to continue to fuel her drive to pursue her talents. 

Adventure in a Box provides a streamlined and unique process to create jewelry and other one-of-a-kind keepsakes from your child's artwork.
You get to select the keepsake you'd like from the many options available in their shop. From keychains to necklaces to bracelets, the possibilities are as unique as the artwork it will showcase. You can even choose the shape of the pendant. 

Next you provide the adorable image. (Don't worry, they will contact you if they have concerns about the quality of the drawing or writing to be turned into a pendant!)

That's all! They take care of the rest while you await the perfect gift!

We chose a heart shaped pendant because our daughter drew a cat with a heart shaped nose! While I would absolutely love my own jewelry with our kids' artwork someday, we decided this necklace would be for the artist herself. 

We hope to show her how treasured each and every creation she makes is to us. This one is preserved for all time on a sterling silver pendant that she loves to wear. 

The jewelry is high quality so she feels mature wearing it while I know it'll stand up to a child's activities, too. It's the perfect length to show people as she explains how special it is to her.

I'm sure you have someone a bit tricky to shop for over the holidays. Even that teacher or family member who has virtually everything definitely doesn't have an accessory as meaningful as this one!

Wouldn't Grandma love a piece of jewelry she can wear that was designed by her grandchildren? The shop provides a discount when your order multiple pendants at one time.

Don't forget that handwriting can be used for these pieces, too. Create a #1 Dad keychain in your child's adorable handwriting. Double sided work is possible so your kids can design both the front and the back.

Maybe you'd love to have each of your kids write their names this year in their developing handwriting. It won't always look as adorable as it does right now! Put each name on an individual charm that you can turn into a totally creative bracelet for yourself. (Let me know and I'll totally email the hint and link to your partner or Santa himself!)

We are so grateful to Adventure in a Box for gifting us with the perfect piece of jewelry for our artist. 

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