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Teaching Positional Words with KORXX Cork Building Blocks

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Kids learn positional words or prepositions primarily through practice. Using fun materials provides a hands on experience while introducing and reviewing how two or more objects relate to each other in positions. The unique properties of KORXX cork building blocks make them a totally new way to play as we learn this new vocabulary!

Teach prepositions or positional words to kids using KORXX cork building blocks!

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KORXX cork building blocks have been a favorite in our home for years! The kids love their colorful shapes and texture. As a parent and a teacher, I adore that they are quiet and sustainable. Our KORXX collection has grown along with our kids to sustain more free play and learning activities.

Invest in your child's safety, education, and the environment!

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For this activity, I invited our preschooler to help me create structures with KORXX. I challenged him to place the orange KORXX cube in different positions in our creations based on the prepositions I named. "Can you put the orange cube above what you built?"

Some prepositions you might want to use to inspire your child's learning include:

beside, next to, in front of, behind, in between, above, below, under, beneath, inside, outside

KORXX sets in Bal-lu and Limbo add new possibilities to play! 

More creative ways to play and learn with KORXX:

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