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Alphabet Woods Literacy Board Game

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We love board games! When you can take literacy skills and pack them into a fun hands-on game for kids it makes the play even better. We tried out Alphabet Woods from SimplyFun to test how much early reading was built in to this new game.
Alphabet Woods is a fantastic board game for teaching kids literacy and early reading skills!
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I'm a homeschooling mom now but before that I was a kindergarten teacher working on my Master's in literacy education. Introducing letters, early literacy skills, and reading is important in our family but we also want it to be natural and fun so the kids enjoy every minute of their learning. 

Our preschooler was thrilled to try out Alphabet Woods from SimplyFun but honestly I was just as excited. He loves animals and I love board games as an interactive way to get our kids to review and learn skills.

To play Alphabet Woods, kids are challenged to grow the trees in alphabetical order. Our first grader loves playing this way with the branch cards and adorable animals being her favorite parts. 

As an additional puzzle, I would sometimes give our two kids a stack of cards to see if they could build an tree in alphabetical order together as a collaborative project.

I asked our oldest if she could spell words with her cards while she waited for her turn. The pieces included in the game are appealing and adaptable for so many learning games!

Our youngest loves the animal pieces so we created patterns with them. I invited him to complete my patterns and create his own. The literacy based game can be used for math in this way as well!

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